AIBA World Boxing Championships 2019 Latest News

World Boxing Championships 2019 Latest News
World Boxing Championships 2019 Latest News

Boxing is a very old sports. AIBA World Boxing Championships and the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships are beinnial boxing competitions organised by the AIBA, which is the sport governing body.

In June 2019 the IOC voted to suspend its recognition of AIBA as the governing body for the sport, stripping AIBA of any involvement in the Olympics Games. The IOC will oversee the qualification event for boxing for the 2020 Olympics Games through a task force chaired by Morinari Watanabe presidents of the International Gymnastics Federation.

AIBA will hold extraordinary Executive committee meeting on August 31 in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. In this meeting several important decisions were made during AIBA EEC meeting in Istanbul. Watch 2019 Boxing World Championship live stream.

Dr. Mohamed Moustahsane was asked by EC members not to leave his position and to continue his efforts to stabilize the organization. He withdrawn his registration and remained AIBA Interim President.

EC has terminated the mandate of Mr.Thomas Virgets as Executive Director of AIBA. The Position will remain vacant until AIBA financial situation becomes better. EC updated on AIBA relationship and AIBA collaboration for Olympics Qualifier and Olympics Games.

Three taskforces presented their initial presentations. Finance taskforce requested to start meeting with creditors to find a solutions for financial situations.

AIBA Extraordinary Congress has been scheduled on December 13-14, 2019 . Delegates will have to vote the amendments on Statues, prepared by the joined commission. A taskforce headed by Mr. Volodymir Prodivus will lead the preparation process.

And then last extraordinary Congress to elect New President is now scheduled on March 2020 in accordance with AIBA Statutes.