Where is the Boxing World Championship 2019 to be held

Venue Boxing Champions 2019

With just one week to go for the much awaited Boxing World Championship 2019 , all eyes are on the waiting spree to start the match. This will be the 20th Edition of AIBA Boxing World Championship to be start from 8th Sep 2019. It will be played till 21st Sep 2019.

Ekaterinburg, a beautiful city of Russia will be hosting all the matches of Boxing World Championship 2019 live. Ekaterinburg is on the border of Europe & Asia in the middle of Ural Mountain Range, located in the heart of Eurasian content.

Venue for AIBA Boxing World Championship 2019 Live :

Ekaterinburg EXPO arena will be the venue for major fights in the event which will see more than 400 athletes from 87 countries fights amongst each other for the title. The arena has capacity of five thousand seats for the audience for a spectacular view of the game.

Opening Ceremony AIBA Boxing World Championship 2019 :

The World Boxing Championship 2019 opening ceremony will be held on the first day 8th Sep 2019 at the convention center and will take place in front of the face of olympics 2020 and world champions Oleg Saitov, Alexey Tischchenko & Egor Mekhonsev who are the face of championships.

This is the first time in the history that an important event like Boxing World Champion is to be held. Russia is a sports loving country and has hosted many sports championships earlier also and will do every bit that is required to make the game more popular and spread awareness among the viewers.