John Marvin excited for World Boxing Championship 2019 title

World Boxing Chmpionships 2019 news
World Boxing Chmpionships 2019 news

John Marvin is preparing for two international boxing championship this year. Despite the hectic schedule, John Marvin is just excited for the grind .

John Marvin said,” I am really excited for the world championship because that’s coming up but also the sea games 2019 because the Philippines is the host country.”

The Philippine national boxing team is to set to fly for Russia on September 5 for the 2019 AIBA World Boxing Championships then to work for the 2019 South East Asian Games hosted by the Philippines in December 2019.

Marvin won the silver in Thailand and gold in Malaysia, but he doesn’t want to give himself an additional burden thinking of undue pressure ahead of the games.

Marvin added that if ever that’s chance where he could replicate the highlight he produced in 2017, he would not think twice. The Filipino English slugger took his first SEA games gold medal in sensational fashion, knocking out Adli Hafidz Mohd Pauzi of Malaysia in 21 seconds.

He siad,” I am going to do whatever I can to win if that comes that then it comes but I look at doing my best and just getting them out of there as soon as possible because we don’t paid overtime.”