Champions Go to the Yekaterinburg

world Boxing Champions 2019
world Boxing Champions 2019

This is the first time Russia will host the AIBA World Boxing Championships. AIBA World Boxing Championships 2019 is the 20th edition of the world boxing championship. The tournament will be held in Yekaterinburg.

In this tournament Olympics champions and world champions will compete. A record number of participants nearly 500 out of 89 countries are expected at the men’s boxing world championships 2019. Watch AIBA World boxing championships 2019 TV Guides.

Two years ago, at the world championships in Hamburg , 279 athletes from 85 countries competed from awards. One of the most numerous at the world championship will be the delegation of Azerbaijan 27 people and Kazakhstan 31.

Russian is a little more modest – 20 people including 9 athletes. World Championships and winner of Olympic Games, So in the weight category up to 2 kg, the winner of the gold awarded in Hamburg 2017, Cuban Yosvani Veitia, will enter the Yekaterinburg ring and his compatriot , who performs in the light heavy weight category up to 81 kg, will also perform in Yekaterinburg.

Olympic champion in 2016, four time world champion, two time winner of the Pan American Games Julio Cesar la Cruz Peraza, he will another Olympic medalist, winner of the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the current world champion performing in the first heavy and heavy weight categories of Erislandy Savon.

Two years ago at the world championship in Germany in the final match he defeated our compatriot Evgeny Tishchenko.